The importance of business card design is highly overlooked by many individuals and companies. Most feel as if they can just throw down their information and logo on a card, send it to any printer, or worse yet use a cheap online printer such as Vista Print’s $10 deal, and they’re off and running. Sure this sounds like an easy way out, but did you consider the ramifications down the road when you’re standing in-front of the CEO of that company you’ve always wanted to do work with, probably not. Handing him or her a cheap business card is a sure way to get put on the bottom stack of papers on his desk when he returns to his office. Unless you have one of the best sales pitches in the world that is sure to leave a lasting impression, odds are you’re going to leave him or her with a business card and hope they return your phone call and / or email.

Sure, if you have limited funds and quite possibly you’re a new startup, it’s understandable that you want to cut corners everywhere you can to try and save money. However, there are some corners you can cut and keep moving forward, and others you shouldn’t cut without considering the repercussions. Business cards for most companies are a front line marketing tool. By front line we mean a piece of marketing that will be passed hand to hand in person with a quick explanation on what your business or program does. This is your gun or bow in the time of battle! That being said, you need to make sure you’re capitalizing on that engagement and leave a lasting impression. Give them a reason to call you back.

Here at Apex Advertising we strive to make hunting business cards that are not only unique, but hunting and outdoor business cards that have the making to leave your prospective cliental posting your card on their refrigerator, or pinning it up on their bulletin board in their office to reference it in the future. Being tossed in the desk drawer with a stack of other cards simply means; you lost. When designing cards we start with finding out all of the pertinent information about our cliental. We then take any relative information we gathered from them and turn it in to an eye catching and memory lasting graphic making sure we hit all areas of their hunting and outdoor related business along the way. After the graphic design is completed, we print our cards on a 16pt cardstock with a silk laminate finish. Thus, allowing for a nice, thick, heavy card such as your debit or credit card. And the feel with the silk laminate is unlike anything else out there, smooth, and soft, but powerful texture that will on its own turn your client or customers head. Having a thick business card that can be tossed in someone’s wallet or pocket and coming out un-crumpled, and all four corners are straight and not bent, is definitely a way to stand out from your competition. It shows you have put thought and money in to your business, and people will respect that and feel like you’ll be more apt to carry out their project with the same emphasis. If you show respect for yourself and your hunting and / or outdoor company, others feel you’ll treat them the same way.

We do offer other methods of hunting business card printing, but we have found that these are the most impactful in business meetings. If you’re looking for custom hunting business card design, we have the experience and designers who have a passion for the outdoor industry. Take a quick peek at our hunting and outdoor business card portfolio here.